Monday, October 14, 2013

Philosophy and the Art of Video Game Collecting

As I fall deeper and deeper into my collecting hobby (I recently bought three Japanese systems . . . but I already touched on that in my previous post), I've started getting philosophical about why I collect and what value a complete-in-box (CIB) game has for me.

When I was a kid, I remember reading a riddle book with a paradox that I guess has really stuck with me. I'll summarize here: A man builds a brand new wooden boat. Over the years, as it ages, he starts to replace each of the boards as they break, one-by-one, until he reaches a point where he's replaced every single piece of wood. Now, is it still the same boat that he originally purchased? Or is it a brand new boat altogether?

I think about this tale whenever I see a CIB game. Does it matter if the box and manual/inserts are what was originally sold with the game? Would you care at all if it were rather piecemeal-ed together? I like the idea better that this is the box that some kid opened 20-whatever years ago and this is the cartridge they took out and put in the system and this is the manual they read when they couldn't figure something out. Collecting is more to me than just plain fun; it's about nostalgia and history and sentimentality. I may never possess the exact consoles from my childhood (I still have yet to fully dig through my dad's basement), but if I can piggy-back off of someone else's memories and objects, why not?
One of my favorite boxed games that I own. With original receipt!

This isn't to say that I, myself, wouldn't piecemeal a CIB game, but I do wonder about a game's origins . . . mostly just for the sake of wondering. There's so much (monetary) value attached to a game's condition and look. I say, take a moment and consider its sentimental value. That kid popping in this copy of Super Mario Bros. for the first time, that could've been you. Are you the first one to blow on the cartridge to get it to work? How many times has someone bowed their head over this controller, praying to the video game gods that they'll survive the boss battle this time?

Go ahead, take a minute and look at your collection. How many people's childhoods do you own a piece of? How many hours in front of a tv does it represent? Who else coveted their Vectrex and its bright, clean lines the way you do? Was the person who owned this Sega CD just as entranced as you to hook it up for the first time?

These are the strange things that go through my head sometimes when I think about video games. I can't help getting excited over little things. It's what makes me smile.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

And So the Infernal Importing Madness Begins . . .

As I mentioned in an earlier article, I recently purchased a Famicom, Neo Geo Pocket (not Color, mind you) and WonderSwan (never heard of it? Neither had I before this purchase). It was just some sort of weird divinely thing where a co-worker sent me a link to a pseudo-Craigslist ad for the Famicom. Looking through the other stuff he had for sale, I came across the other two systems. He had originally wanted $50 for everything ($30 for the FC and $10 each for the others), but I offered $30, thinking I was low-balling and would get a counter-offer, and he accepted!

Now, before this occurrence, I had little interest in import gaming and had never sought out foreign gaming stuffs before. But these just so happened to fall into my lap, so who was I to say no. I had the money and was certainly excited about the whole process of countering and purchasing. In an effort to find out more about the systems I had just purchased, I searched on the internet (as I, like most of you, do for all things I wonder about). I was surprised to see that while there are some resources for the Famicom, there are very few for the handheld systems. And just try searching for price guides for any of them. Forget about it. Well . . . maybe they exist on Japanese sites? I dunno, I don't speak Japanese.

I did find a pretty good resource for Famicom games at I like that it allows you to filter your results to your liking. Unfortunately, it's not totally complete as it's missing many games' ID number/code and doesn't always mention the NES version.

So . . . this leads me to a little (ha!) project I've started. Following in the footsteps of some of my favorite price guide sites, and, I've started tracking the eBay sales of these three systems and their games. Sure, it's not complete, and it's pure insanity to track multiple completeness-condition as well as accessories, and I'll be working on this for years to come, but I figure, if it's something I can put out there on the internet to share with the English speaking world, then why not?

I hope to turn this into a monthly-type post. Feel free to ask any questions or correct any misinformation you see. Enjoy!

(Notes: only auctions are considered, manuals are not considered in condition for systems/accessories, only single-item auctions are considered unless they're exact duplicates)
Disclaimer: I will not be able to include all auctions that occur on Ebay. There's only so much time in the day I'm willing to devote to this.

Sheet 1: Famicom

(3D Accessory)
(Ascii Stick L5)X?LOOSE$10.31209/08/13
(Datach Joint ROM System)X
(Datach Joint ROM System)X
BOX, NO MANUAL$24.50109/01/13
(Datach Joint ROM System)X
BOX, NO CARDS$17.50108/26/13
(Disk System)XHVC022&023&025CIB$113.00108/15/13
(Disk System)XHVC 022&023BOX, W/RAM$26.00108/18/13
(Disk System)XHVC 022&023&025LOOSE$59.99109/06/13
(Disk System)XHVC022&023LOOSE, W/RAM$39.98108/17/13
(Disk System)XHVC022&025LOOSE, W/AC$40.48108/26/13
(Disk System)XHVC022LOOSE$39.98408/17/1309/07/13
(Hori Joystick)XHJ-7LOOSE$13.58109/07/13
(Joycard – controller)XMK2?CIB$31.27108/17/13
(Kousen juu Gun)

(New Famicom)NES-101HVC-101CIB$140.72108/28/13
(New Famicom)NES-101HVC-101LOOSE$110.50209/01/1309/08/13
(New Famicom)NES-101HVC-101LOOSE, NO CORDS$85.00109/07/13
(NEXT unlicensed system)X
(Power Glove)Power GloveXCIB$80.00109/07/13
(ROB Robot Block Set)XHVC-BLSCIB$57.50408/25/1309/06/13
BOX, NO RF$72.75408/22/1309/09/13
BOX, NO POWER$61.00108/25/13
(system)NES-001HVC-001BOX, NO CORDS$52.63208/26/1308/29/13
(system)NES-001HVC-001&002LOOSE, NO RF$48.24408/29/1309/02/13
(system)NES-001HVC-001LOOSE, NO CORDS$33.71908/18/1309/07/13
(Twin Famicom system, black)XAN-500BLOOSE$79.00109/07/13
(Twin Famicom system, black)XAN-505-BKLOOSE$160.00109/07/13
(Twin Famicom system, black)XAN-505-BKLOOSE, NO POWER$124.00108/28/13
(Twin Famicom system, red)XAN-500RLOOSE$76.00109/07/13
4 Nin'uchi Mah-JongXHVC-FJCIB$8.54108/25/13
5 in 1 (unlicensed)XA-032LOOSE$36.50108/24/13
7 in 1 Super (unlicensed)XK7701LOOSE$16.49108/25/13
10-Yard Fight10-Yard FightIF-02CIB$7.16108/18/13
20 in 1 (unlicensed by Asder)X
76 in 1 (unlicensed by Tsang Hai, 1990)X
600 in 1 (unlicensed)XQL34LOOSE$19.98109/03/13
A Ressha de Ikou (A-Train)XPNF-??CIB$19.51109/09/13
A Week of GarfieldXTCC-VGLOOSE$15.27109/06/13
Abadox: Jigoku no Inner WarsAbadox: The Deadly Inner WarsNAT-A3LOOSE, W/MANUAL$24.27109/07/13
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of the LanceAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of the LancePNF-LQCIB$8.45108/24/13
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: HillsfarAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons: HillsfarPNF-QQCIB$12.70108/24/13
Adventures of Lolo IIAdventures of Lolo 3HAL-QLLOOSE$18.49108/13/13
After BurnerAfter Burner
Akumajou DensetsuCastlevania III: Dracula's CurseRC845LOOSE$38.99109/07/13
Akumajou Special: Boku Dracula-kunXRC847CIB$27.51108/28/13
Akumajou Special: Boku Dracula-kunXRC847LOOSE$20.75408/17/1308/30/13
Akuma-kun: Makai no WanaX?CIB$16.99109/09/13
Akuma-kun: Makai no WanaX?BOX$8.99109/07/13
Akuma no ShoutaijouUninvitedKSC-UVCIB$22.55109/09/13
Aladdin (unlicensed by Super Game?)XS-L3LOOSE$8.99108/28/13
Ankokushinwa: Yamatotakeru DensetsuXTKS-G6CIB$8.54108/25/13
Argos no Senshi: Hacha Mecha DaishingekiRygarTCF-AHCIB$38.00108/18/13
Arkanoid IIXTFC-ANII, 16CIB$35.00108/24/13
Arkanoid IIXTFC-ANII, 16LOOSE$12.50308/13/1308/26/13
Arumana no Kiseki (disk)XKDS-ARMCIB$12.331108/23/1308/31/13
Atlantis no NazoXSS4-4900CIB$14.75208/14/1308/19/13
AV Beautiful Girl Fighting (unlicensed)X
Bakushou! Star Monomane ShitennouXPAC-8M?CIB$10.26108/18/13
Batsu & Terry: Makyou no Tetsujin RaceXUSE-BCCIB$13.63208/18/1308/20/13
Battle BaseballXBAP-1ZCIB$8.26108/18/13
Battle CityXNBC-09?LOOSE$11.75208/18/1309/07/13
Bikkuri Nekketsu ShinkirokuCrash 'n the Boys: Street Challenge
Bikkuriman World: Gekitou SeisenshiXHFC-V3BOX$9.99108/28/13
Binary LandXHFC-BICIB$22.00108/19/13
Bio Senshi Dan: Increzer tono TatakaiXJF-14CIB$12.50108/18/13
Birdie Rush Golf ClubXDFC-GHCIB$8.18208/18/1308/20/13
Bishoujo Mahjong Kurabu (unlicensed)XXCIB$29.50108/16/13
Bloody Warriors: Shan-go Troop Strikes BackXTDF-94CIB$9.58208/14/1308/16/13
Booby KidsXNBF-BBLOOSE$13.50108/18/13
Boulder DashBoulder DashDFC-XBCIB$15.87208/13/1308/24/13
Boulder DashBoulder DashDFC-XBBOX$9.45108/24/13
Bucky O'HareBucky O'Hare?CIB$54.00108/31/13
Captain TsubasaXTCF-TPCIB$40.00108/13/13
Captain TsubasaXTCF-TPLOOSE$11.25108/23/13
Captain Tsubasa II: Super StrikerXTCF-T6CIB$43.50108/13/13
Captain Tsubasa II: Super StrikerXTCF-T6LOOSE$8.25108/30/13
Championship Lode RunnerXHFC-CRCIB$12.24108/24/13
Chiki Chiki Machine Mou RaceWacky RacesATL-5I?CIB$53.00108/29/13
Chip N' Dale's Rescue RangersDisney's Chip 'n Dale Rescue RangersCAP-JDCIB$130.61108/24/13
Chip N' Dale's Rescue RangersDisney's Chip 'n Dale Rescue RangersCAP-JDLOOSE$18.33308/17/1308/30/13
Chiteisenku BazolderWurm: Journey to the Center of the EarthSFL-3VLOOSE$16.07208/14/1308/23/13
Choujikuu Yousai MacrossXNMR-4500CIB$20.00208/19/1308/26/13
Choujinrou Senki: WarwolfWerewolf: The Last WarriosTFC-W8CIB$19.50108/25/13
Chouwakusei Senki: Meta FightBlaster MasterTEC-MFCIB$71.12108/24/13
Circus CharlieXSFC-CCCIB$28.51108/17/13
Circus CharlieXSFC-CCLOOSE$9.75108/25/13
Cosmic EpsilonXASM-EOCIB$19.58109/01/13
Cosmic WarsXKDS-CJCIB$8.39108/24/13
Crayon Shin ChanXXCIB$16.48109/09/13
Crayon Shin Chan (hack of:, 1995)Bio Miracle Bokutte UpaXLOOSE$14.50109/08/13
Crazy ClimberXNBF-CYLOOSE$10.85109/06/13
Crisis ForceXRC856CIB$73.33308/14/1309/07/13
Cross FireXKYG-C9CIB$42.19208/14/1308/17/13
Dai 2-ji Super Robot TaisenXBAP-N9CIB$11.95608/14/1308/31/13
Dai Kaijuu: DeburasXDFC-24CIB$9.26109/07/13
DaikoukaijidaiUncharted Waters
Daiku no Gen-SanHammerin' Harry (PAL)IF-24CIB$55.99108/28/13
Dark LordXDFC-25CIB$14.16108/26/13
Darkwing Duck 2 (hack of:)SuperC
DatsugokuP.O.W.: Prisoners of War
Dead FoxCode Name: ViperCAP-VPCIB$38.01208/16/1309/01/13
Dead Fox (unlicensed of:)Dead Fox/Code Name: ViperSK-1178LOOSE$10.00109/05/13
Deep Dungeon III: Yuushi heno TabiXSQF-UTCIB$10.25108/16/13
Deep Dungeon IV: Kuro no YoujutushiXASM-4DCIB$12.10108/16/13
Digital Devil Story: Megami TenseiXXCIB$16.51108/31/13
Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei IIXXCIB$13.00108/26/13
Donald LandXDFC-DXLOOSE$13.76308/19/1308/29/13
Donkey KongDonkey KongHVC-DKLOOSE, W/MANUAL$9.25108/26/13
Donkey KongDonkey KongHVC-DKLOOSE$10.25108/29/13
Donkey Kong 3Donkey Kong 3HVC-DTCIB$17.50108/26/13
Donkey Kong Jr.Donkey Kong Jr.HVC-JRCIB$13.45109/06/13
Donkey Kong Jr.Donkey Kong Jr.HVC-JRLOOSE$5.00108/29/13
Double Dragon II: The RevengeDouble Dragon II: The RevengeTJC-W2LOOSE$17.06208/30/1309/07/13
Double Dragon III: The Rosetta StoneDouble Dragon III: The Sacred Stones (NTSC)/Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone (PAL)TJC-ZWLOOSE$14.39108/28/13
Downtown Nekketsu Koushinkyoku: Soreyuke Dai UndoukaiXTJC-UHBOX$12.99108/19/13
Downtown Nekketsu MonogatariRiver City Ransom (NTSC)/Street Gangs (PAL)TJC-DNLOOSE$13.38108/30/13
Dr. MarioDr. MarioHVC-VUCIB$13.50108/31/13
Dragon Ball: Daimaou FukkatsuX
Dragon Ball: Shenron no NazoDragon Power (NTSC)/Dragonball (PAL)
Dragon Ball: Shenron no NazoDragon Power (NTSC)/Dragonball (PAL)XLOOSE, W/MANUAL$7.99109/07/13
Dragon Ball: Shenron no NazoDragon Power (NTSC)/Dragonball (PAL)XLOOSE$7.01208/29/1309/07/13
Dragon Ball 3: GokudenX
Dragon Ball 3: GokudenX
Dragon Ball Z: Kyoushu! Saiya JinX
Dragon Ball Z: Kyoushu! Saiya JinXXBOX$14.39109/06/13
Dragon Ball Z: Kyoushu! Saiya JinX
Dragon Ball Z Gaiden: Saiyajin Zetsumetsu KeikakuX
Dragon Ball Z II: Gekishin Freeza!!XXCIB$11.78408/16/1308/28/13
Dragon Ball Z III: Ressen Jinzou NingenX
Dragon BusterXXCIB$11.60108/16/13
Dragon NinjaBad DudesXCIB$14.00108/16/13
Dragon QuestDragon WarriorEFC-DQCIB$14.29408/13/1309/08/13
Dragon Quest II: Akuryou no KamigamiDragon Warrior IIEFC-D2CIB$12.33408/17/1309/07/13
Dragon Quest II: Akuryou no KamigamiDragon Warrior IIEFC-D2BOX$13.60109/02/13
Dragon Quest II: Akuryou no KamigamiDragon Warrior IIEFC-D2LOOSE$3.57108/20/13
Dragon Quest III: Soshite Densetsue . . .Dragon Warrior IIIEFC-D3CIB$12.17508/17/1309/07/13
Dragon Quest III: Soshite Densetsue . . .Dragon Warrior IIIEFC-D3BOX$8.99108/20/13
Dragon Quest IV: Michibikareshi MonotachiDragon Warrior IVEFC-D4CIB$13.22608/16/1309/09/13
Dragon Spirit: Aratanaru DensetsuXXCIB$16.88208/16/1308/25/13
Dragon Spirit: Aratanaru Densetsu

Dragon WarsXKSC-29CIB$20.83109/09/13
Duck TalesDisney's Duck TalesCAP-UKCIB$91.77109/09/13
Duck TalesDisney's Duck TalesCAP-UKLOOSE$15.50208/17/1308/30/13
Duck Tales 2Disney's Duck Tales IICAP-DWCIB$45.00108/24/13
Duck Tales 2Disney's Duck Tales IICAP-DWLOOSE$25.00109/07/13
Dynamite BatmanBatman: Return of the Joker
Elnark no ZaihouX
Elrond: Densetsu no KishiWizards & WarriorsNMK-ERCIB$36.50109/03/13
Elrond: Densetsu no KishiWizards & WarriorsNMK-ERLOOSE$9.91108/28/13
Esper Dream 2

Exciting RallyChampionship Rally (PAL)VRE-E2CIB$22.00108/16/13
Exed ExesXGTS-EECIB$15.49108/20/13
F1 CircusXNBF-7FCIB$11.76108/14/13
Famicom Jump: Hero RetsudenX
Famicom Jump: Hero RetsudenXXLOOSE$4.99109/04/13
Famicom Jump II: Saikyoiu no 7nin

Famicom WarsXHVC-FWCIB$10.25108/17/13
Family CircuitX
Family Circuit '91X
Family Mahjong II: Shanghai heno MichiX
Family Trainer: Athletic WorldAthletic World
Family Trainer: Manhattan PoliceStreet Cop
Fantasy ZoneXSS8-5300CIB$29.50108/18/13
Fantasy Zone 2: The Teardrop of Opa-OpaX
Faria: Fuin no TsurugiFariaHSS-FACIB$11.00108/24/13
Felix the Cat (pirate of:)Felix the Cat (NTSC)XLOOSE$14.50109/08/13
Field CombatXJF-04CIB$8.14108/24/13
Fighting Hero (unlicensed)XCN-01LOOSE$14.50109/08/13
Final FantasyFinal FantasySQF-FFCIB$44.00108/18/13
Final FantasyFinal FantasySQF-FFLOOSE$10.66308/30/1309/07/13
Final Fantasy I + IIXSQF-FOCIB$26.10208/23/1308/24/13
Final Fantasy I + IIXSQF-FOBOX$24.50108/26/13
Final Fantasy IIXSQF-FYCIB$18.57208/13/1308/19/13
Final Fantasy IIXSQF-FYBOX$10.26108/25/13
Final Fantasy IIXSQF-FYLOOSE$5.50108/30/13
Final Fantasy IIIXSQF-FCCIB$16.511008/14/1309/07/13
Final Fantasy IIIXSQF-FCLOOSE$10.84408/20/1309/07/13
Final LapX
Final MissionS.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack TeamNAT-FVCIB$52.28408/14/1308/24/13
Fire Emblem GaidenXHVC-2ICIB$14.85308/17/1308/29/13
Fire Emblem GaidenXHVC-2IBOX$13.28208/19/1308/28/13
Fire Emblem GaidenXHVC-2ILOOSE$11.14109/06/13
Formation ZXJF-02CIB$9.97308/19/1308/25/13
Front LineXTFC-FL, 03CIB$12.50108/24/13
Fuzzical FighterXSEI-1ECIB$20.50109/02/13
Game PartyXCDS-P8CIB$11.25208/16/1308/17/13
Ganbare Goemon! Karakuri DouchuuXRC815CIB$14.45208/26/1308/29/13
Ganbare Goemon 2XRC833LOOSE, W/MANUAL$16.50108/20/13
Ganbare Goemon 2XRC833LOOSE$8.25108/26/13
Ganbare Goemon Gaiden 2: Tenka no ZaihouXRC857?CIB$13.74108/21/13
Gegege no Kitaro: Youkai DaimakyouNinja Kid
Gekitotsu!! Yonku BattleXIF-15?CIB$14.50108/17/13
Gekitotsu!! Yonku BattleXIF-15?LOOSE$4.99108/13/13
Genpei ToumadenX?CIB$27.00108/17/13
Genpei ToumadenX?CIB, -1 FIGURE$16.76108/18/13
Geppu MadenXRC819CIB$47.00108/18/13
G.I. Joe (pirate of:)G.I. Joe (NTSC)XLOOSE$25.99109/09/13
Gimme a Break: Shijousaikyou no Quiz Ou Ketteisen (w/tap)XYZW-QYCIB$31.59108/17/13
Ginga no SanninXHVC-GTCIB$8.18208/18/1308/20/13
God Slayer: Haruka Tenku no SonataCrystalisSFX-G8CIB$20.12308/14/1308/18/13
Golf (disk)GolfFMC-GLFCIB$9.01108/24/13
Golf Grand SlamXHCT-7G/009CIB$9.10109/01/13
Golgo 13: Kamigami no TasogareGolgo 13: Top Secret EpisodeVIC-G3CIB$20.01108/29/13
Golgo 13 II: Shou Icarus no NazoThe Mafat Conspiracy: Golco 13VIC-M4CIB$19.83308/14/1308/17/13
Gozonji Yajikita ChindouchuXHAL-YJCIB$8.25108/18/13
Gradius IIXRC832CIB$37.00208/22/1309/05/13
Gradius IIXRC832LOOSE$18.31208/25/1308/30/13
Grand Master

Great Boxing Rush-UpWorld ChampVIS-5ECIB$12.46208/19/1308/30/13
Great Deal

Gremlins 2: The New BatchGremlins 2: The New Batch
Gun Hed: Aratanaru TatakaiXVRE-R3CIB$8.39108/21/13
Gun NacGun NacTKS-XGCIB$77.60109/02/13
Gun SightLaser Invasion
Haja no FuuinXHSP-??BOX, NO MANUAL/FIGURE$10.81108/24/13
Hana no Star KaidouXVFR-H1-02CIB$7.56108/19/13
Hanjuku HeroXSQF-HJCIB$12.70108/24/13
Hector '87Starship HectorHFC-HHCIB$11.37108/21/13
Highway StarRad RacerSQF-HICIB$16.42308/18/1308/29/13
Hikari Shinwa: Palutena no Kagami (disk)Kid IcarusFMC-PTMCIB$23.06108/28/13
Hikaru Genji Roller Panic (disk)XPNF-GENCIB$7.34108/21/13
Hino Tori: Hououhen Gaou no BoukenXRC817CIB$15.49108/19/13
Hino Tori: Hououhen Gaou no BoukenXRC817LOOSE W/MANUAL$20.31108/19/13
Hino Tori: Hououhen Gaou no BoukenXRC817LOOSE$8.37208/13/1308/28/13
Hiryu no Ken: Ougi no ShoFlying Dragon: The Secret ScrollNFC-HRCIB$11.81108/28/13
Hiryu no Ken III: Go Nin no RyusenshiXCBF-3HCIB$14.03608/24/1309/06/13
Hissatsu DoujouyaburiXSEI-1ACIB$10.13208/24/1308/24/13
Hogan's AlleyHogan's AlleyHVC-HACIB$19.46408/16/1308/24/13
Hogan's AlleyHogan's AlleyHVC-HABOX$8.44108/17/13
Hokkaidou Rensa Satsujin: Okhotsk ni KiyuXHSP-O7?CIB$8.26108/18/13
Hokuto no Ken 4XTDF-97?CIB$12.74108/21/13
Holy DiverXIF-12CIB$66.55109/03/13
Hoshi no KirbyKirby's AdventureHVC-KICIB$26.47408/28/1309/09/13
Hoshi no KirbyKirby's AdventureHVC-KILOOSE$12.50108/29/13
Hydlide 3: Yami karano HoumonshaXXCIB$8.50308/20/1308/26/13
Hydlide SpecialHydlideTFS-HSCIB$10.24108/19/13
Hyokkori Hyoutan Jima: Nazo no KaizokusenXSHI-HVCIB$11.04108/24/13
Hyper OlympicTrack & FieldRC800CIB$14.00108/18/13
Hyper SportsXRC806?CIB$10.06208/20/1308/24/13
I Love SoftballXCDS-S6CIB$10.36108/24/13
Ice ClimberIce ClimberHVC-ICCIB$16.50208/19/1308/29/13
Ice ClimberIce ClimberHVC-ICLOOSE$11.88208/21/1309/06/13
Ide Yousuke Meijin no Jissen MahjongXCAP-IMCIB$19.51108/29/13
IkariIkari WarriorsKAC-IKCIB$23.00208/18/1308/25/13
Ikari II: DogosokenIkari Warriors II: Victory RoadKAC-DSCIB$32.50208/18/1308/29/13
Image FightImage FightIF-14CIB$10.24208/21/1308/23/13
Insector XXTFC-ISCIB$50.01108/24/13
Insector XXTFC-ISLOOSE$17.50108/30/13
Isolated Warrior (unlicensed copy of: NTSC Isolated Warrior)Max Warrior: Wakusei Kaigenrei (NTSC-J)
JaJaMaru Gekimaden: Maboroshi no KinmajouX
Jiku (Toki) no Tabibito

Juryoku Soukou Metal StormMetal Storm?CIB$145.00108/31/13
Just BreedXEFC-I5CIB$11.75208/28/1309/01/13
Juvei QuestX
Kagerou DensetsuXPIX-XA-01CIB$16.99109/02/13
Kaiketsu YanchamaruKid Niki: Radical Ninja
Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 3: Taiketsu! ZouringenXIF-28CIB$89.00108/25/13
Kakefu-kun no Jump Tengoku: Speed JigokuXVIC-KXLOOSE$8.63208/24/1309/04/13
Kamen no Ninja: HanamaruYo! NoidCAP-JECIB$33.80408/13/1308/18/13
Kamen no Ninja: HanamaruYo! NoidCAP-JELOOSE$12.00108/30/13
Kamen Rider Black: Taiketsu Shadow Moon (disk)XBAN-BLACIB$10.86208/29/1308/29/13
Kanshakudama Nage Kantarou no Toukaidou Gojuusan TsugiXSS5CIB$20.26108/25/13
Kekkyoku Nankyoku DaiboukenAntarctic AdventureRC804LOOSE$10.14109/06/13
King Kong 2: Ikari no Megaton PunchXRC816?CIB$11.55208/17/1308/19/13
Knight RiderKnight RiderPAC-NRLOOSE$8.25108/30/13
Kujaku Ou IIXPNF-QWCIB$15.88208/14/1308/17/13
Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki Dayo Zeninshugou: Downtown SpecialXTJC-J6CIB$19.00208/16/1308/17/13
Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki Dayo Zeninshugou: Downtown SpecialXTJC-J6BOX$16.50108/19/13
Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki Dayo Zeninshugou: Downtown SpecialXTJC-J6LOOSE$12.40308/21/1309/06/13
Kunio kun no Nekketsu Soccer LeagueXTJC-NVCIB$24.00108/25/13
Kunio kun no Nekketsu Soccer LeagueXTJC-NVLOOSE$18.41208/18/1308/25/13
Kyorochan LandCastelianHR-4C?CIB$155.05109/09/13
Kyuukyoku TigerTwin CobraCBS-QTCIB$21.53208/16/1308/17/13
Labyrinth: Maou no MeikyuuXGTS-LA?CIB$16.07108/30/13
Lagrange PointXRC851CIB$22.00208/20/1308/30/13
Last ArmageddonXSHI-LTCIB$9.13208/19/1308/20/13
Law of the West: Seibu no OkiteXPNF-LWCIB$12.50108/30/13
Lickle: Seirei DensetsuLittle SamsonDTF-LKLOOSE$86.00108/29/13
Little MagicXDFC-LGCIB$14.50108/30/13
Lode RunnerLode RunnerHFC-LRCIB$19.37208/17/1308/24/13
Lost Word of JennyXTFC-JNCIB$12.19108/30/13
Lost Word of JennyXTFC-JNLOOSE$4.25109/07/13
Lot LotXGTS-LLLOOSE$3.06109/03/13
Lupin III: Pandora no IsanXXCIB$15.50108/30/13
Madura no TsubasaXXLOOSE$13.51109/07/13
Magic JohnTotally Rad
Magic JohnTotally Rad
Mahjong (disk)XFMC-MJACIB$9.01108/25/13
Majin Eiyuuden Wataru GaidenXHFC-V2BOX$9.24108/29/13
Majin Eiyuuden Wataru GaidenXHFC-V2LOOSE$13.75108/18/13
MakaimuraGhosts 'n GoblinsCAP-MKLOOSE$14.50108/30/13
Mario 10 (unlicensed, hack??)
Mario Bros.Mario Bros.HVC-MACIB$36.00108/25/13
Mario Bros.Mario Bros.HVC-MALOOSE$7.01208/25/1308/28/13
MashouDeadly TowersIF-05CIB$14.50109/07/13
MatendoujiConquest of the Crystal PalaceBTC-7MCIB$12.45308/14/1308/17/13
Meikyujin Dababa (disk)XKDS-MIKCIB$16.11408/17/1309/06/13
Meikyuu KumikyokuMilon's Secret CastleHFC-KMLOOSE$4.99109/04/13
Meitantei Holmes: M Kara no ChousenjouXTCC-M3CIB$11.10208/14/1308/16/13
Metroid (disk)MetroidFMC-METCIB$24.07108/25/13
Mezase Pachi Pro: Pachio-kunXCDS-PACIB$11.25108/16/13
Mezase Top Pro: Green ni Kakeru YumeXJF-41CIB$9.99108/28/13
Mickey Mouse: Fushigi no Kuni no DaiboukenMickey MousecapadeHFC-MILOOSE$11.13108/24/13
Mighty Final FightXCAP-SDCIB$45.01109/02/13
Mighty Final FightXCAP-SDLOOSE$18.99109/04/13
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!HVC-PTCIB$55.00108/19/13
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!HVC-PTLOOSE$12.12208/25/1308/30/13
Minelvaton Saga: Ragon no FukkatsuXTFC-MSCIB$11.81108/30/13
Minna no Taabou no Nakayoshi DaisakusenXCTS-9NCIB$20.05109/09/13
Mirai Senshi LiosXPAC-R6CIB$9.01108/21/13
Miss Peach World (unlicensed by Hacker, 1991?)X
LOOSE, W/MANUAL$90.35109/01/13
Mitsume ga TooruXTOM-3MCIB$86.51208/25/1309/09/13
Mitsume ga TooruXTOM-3MLOOSE$30.50109/01/13
Moero!! Judo Warriors
Moero!! Junior Basketball: Two on TwoHoops
My Life My Love: Boku no Yume Watashi no NegaiXBAP-63CIB$13.50108/18/13
Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki High School (disk)XFSC-THSECIB$11.75208/17/1309/01/13
Nekketsu Kakutou DensetsuXTJC-NALOOSE$11.25108/30/13
Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kunRenegadeTJC-KNCIB$53.00108/19/13
Nekketsu koukou Dodge Ball bu Soccer henNintendo World CupTJC-N3CIB$12.75208/17/1308/19/13
Nekketsu koukou Dodge Ball bu Soccer henNintendo World CupTJC-N3LOOSE$10.10308/21/1308/30/13
Nekketsu koukou Dodge Ball ClubSuper Dodge BallTJC-NDCIB$21.00208/19/1308/20/13
Nekketsu koukou Dodge Ball ClubSuper Dodge BallTJC-NDBOX$12.78208/24/1308/28/13
Nekketsu koukou Dodge Ball ClubSuper Dodge BallTJC-NDLOOSE$10.50108/16/13
Nekketsu! Street Basket: Ganbare Dunk HeroesXTJC-BRLOOSE$53.00108/26/13
New 1999 World Champioship (pirate? of Buggy Popper, 1999?)XKT 2037LOOSE$6.25108/30/13
Ninja RyukendenNinja GaidenTCF-NY, 07CIB$55.01208/21/1308/24/13
Ninja RyukendenNinja GaidenTCF-NY, 07LOOSE$21.50208/24/1309/07/13
Ninja Ryukenden IINinja Gaiden IITCF-NWLOOSE$17.30408/13/1308/30/13
Ninja Ryukenden IIINinja Gaiden IIITCF-3NLOOSE$25.67208/14/1308/30/13
Obake no Qtarou: Wan Wan PanicChubby Cherub
Okkotoshi Puzzle Tonjan!?XNMK-JTCIB$8.50108/21/13
Operation WolfOperation Wolf: Take No PrisonersTFC-OW, 24?CIB$18.72108/18/13
Otaku no Seiza: An Adventure in Otaku GalaxyXMAM-OQ?CIB$12.25208/14/1308/16/13
Over HorizonOver Horizon (PAL)
Over Horizon (pirate of:)Over HorizonXLOOSE$24.50109/08/13
Pajama Hero NemoLittle Nemo: The Dream MasterCAP-EZCIB$55.00208/16/1308/26/13
Palamedes IIXGAM-Z5-08CIB$10.24108/24/13
Parodius da!Parodius (PAL)RC849CIB$25.711208/21/1309/09/13
Parodius da!Parodius (PAL)RC849BOX$15.50108/25/13
Parodius da!Parodius (PAL)RC849LOOSE$16.49108/30/13
Peepar Tim

Penguin-kun WarsXHSP-03CIB$11.99108/29/13
Pipe 5 (unlicensed by Sachen, 1990)Pipe 5SA-001BOX$25.00108/28/13
Perfect BowlingXTKS-G8CIB$8.26108/25/13
Photon: The Ultimate Game on Planet Earth

Pinball QuestPinball QuestJF-26?CIB$9.64308/21/1308/24/13
Pocket Zaurus: Ju Ouken no NazoXXLOOSE$9.98109/05/13
Pole to FinishXDFC-FHCIB$7.69108/21/13
Power BlazerPower BladeTFC-PB?, 31CIB$40.00108/24/13
Power BlazerPower BladeTFC-PB?, 31LOOSE$22.52108/13/13
Prince of Persia (unlicensed of:)Prince of Persia (NTSC)XLOOSE$5.00109/07/13
Pro-Am II (unlicensed of:)R.C. Pro-Am II (NTSC)
Punch-Out!! SpecialXHVC-PT-SLOOSE$158.50108/24/13
Radia Senki: ReimeihenXTCF-8R?, 17CIB$18.39208/26/1308/30/13
Raid on Bungeling BayRaid on Bungeling BayHFC-RBCIB$8.70308/18/1308/27/13
Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2DTF-RL, 19CIB$35.00108/30/13
Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2DTF-RL, 19LOOSE$13.00208/30/1308/30/13
Rambo (pirate? Pic of rambo and heli)X
Red Arremer IIGargoyle's Quest IICAP-1LCIB$51.01208/19/1308/30/13
Reigen DoushiPhantom FighterPNF-KYCIB$57.00108/30/13
Relics: Ankoku Yousai (disk)XBTC-RLCCIB$15.24108/30/13
Robocco WarsXIGS-X9CIB$44.89108/30/13
RoboCop 2RoboCop 2DFC-2CCIB$29.50108/30/13
RockmanMega ManCAP-RXLOOSE$29.59508/17/1309/07/13
Rockman 2: Dr. Wily no NazoMega Man 2CAP-XRBOX$149.50108/29/13
Rockman 2: Dr. Wily no NazoMega Man 2CAP-XRLOOSE$25.06508/14/1308/30/13
Rockman 3: Dr. Wily no Saigo!?Mega Man 3CAP-XUBOX$149.50108/29/13
Rockman 3: Dr. Wily no Saigo!?Mega Man 3CAP-XULOOSE W/MANUAL$15.75208/25/1308/25/13
Rockman 3: Dr. Wily no Saigo!?Mega Man 3CAP-XULOOSE$17.68908/14/1308/30/13
Rockman 4Mega Man 4CAP-4VCIB$91.00208/19/1308/29/13
Rockman 4Mega Man 4CAP-4VLOOSE W/MANUAL$16.50208/25/1308/25/13
Rockman 4Mega Man 4CAP-4VLOOSE$21.50308/14/1308/30/13
Rockman 5: Blues no Wana!?Mega Man 5CAP-5VCIB$35.17608/15/1308/28/13
Rockman 5: Blues no Wana!?Mega Man 5CAP-5VLOOSE$18.50308/24/1308/29/13
Rolling ThunderRolling Thunder
Rough WorldJourney to SiliusTEC-RFCIB$53.00208/16/1308/30/13
Route-16 TurboX
Royal BloodGemfireKOE-IU?CIB$15.15208/20/1308/30/13
Saint Seiya: Ougon DensetsuX
SalamanderLife Force (NTSC)/Life Force: Salamander (PAL)RC821CIB$36.85108/19/13
SalamanderLife Force (NTSC)/Life Force: Salamander (PAL)RC821LOOSE$13.88108/25/13
Sangokushi IIRomance of the Three Kingdoms II
Sanrio Carnival 2XCTS-SQCIB$38.00109/09/13
Satoru Nakajima: F-1 HeroXVRE-F1CIB$8.76208/20/1308/24/13
Satoru Nakajima: F-1 Hero 2XVAR-4ECIB$8.25108/20/13
Satsui no KaisouXHAL-PBCIB$10.75108/19/13
SD Battle Ozumou: Heisei Hero BashoXBAP-X3CIB$9.89608/16/1308/24/13
SD Gundam Gachapon Senshi 2: Capsule SenkiXSHI-2GCIB$7.49208/25/1308/29/13
SD Gundam Gachapon Senshi 3: Eiyuu SenkiXSHI-3GCIB$10.01408/14/1308/25/13
SD Gundam Gachapon Senshi 4: New Type MonogatariXSHI-45CIB$7.87608/14/1308/24/13
SD Gundam Gaiden: Knight Gundam MonogatariX
SD Hero Soukessen: Taose Aku no GundanXBAP-X5CIB$9.68608/16/1308/23/13
SD Mighty Final Fight (pirate of:)Mighty Final FightXLOOSE$13.50109/08/13
Seikima II: Akuma no Gyakushu!XCBS-SA, 49FR-1LOOSE$7.25108/29/13
Senjou no OokamiXCAP-SJ, 04CIB$16.50108/20/13
Shancara: Inbou no Wakusei

Shounen Ashibe Nepal Daibouken no MakiXTFC-8ACIB$8.27109/09/13
Shufflepuck CafeXPNF-XPCIB$17.60109/07/13
Sky DestroyerXTFC-SD4500CIB$19.72108/18/13
Sky KidSky Kid
Smash Ping Pong (disk)XFMC-PPNCIB$10.25108/17/13
Snow Bros. (unlicensed of:)Snow Bros.XLOOSE$23.00109/07/13
Solomon no Kagi 2 (unlicensed of:)Solomon no Kagi 2: Coolmintou Kyuushutsu SakusenXLOOSE$33.00109/08/13
Solstice: Sanjigen Meikyu no KyoujuSolstice: The Quest for the Staff of DemonsESF-E3, ESPG-33CIB$9.01108/20/13
Son SonXCAP-SS?LOOSE$9.50108/16/13
Spartan XKung FuHVC-SXCIB$15.53208/18/1308/28/13
Splatterhouse: Wanpaku GraffitiX
Splatterhouse: Wanpaku GraffitiXXLOOSE$20.55208/14/1309/07/13
Square's Tom SawyerXSQF-T4CIB$10.88208/14/1308/16/13
Star ForceStar ForceHFC-SFCIB$10.82208/17/1308/24/13
Star LusterXNSL-12CIB$9.94108/26/13
Star SoldierStar SoldierHFC-SOCIB$11.25108/29/13
Star Wars (Namco)X
Star Wars (Namco)X
STED: Iseki Wakusei no YabouXKAC-3EBOX$8.00109/07/13
Street Fighter '97 Zero 2 (unlicensed by Nitra?, 1997?)XNT 6037LOOSE$25.00108/28/13
Sugoro Quest: Dice no Senshi TachiXTJC-Q7CIB$11.76208/16/1308/17/13
Super Arabian

Super Chinese 3XCBF-3CCIB$13.05408/13/1309/07/13
Super GryzorSuperC (NTSC)/Probotector 2 (PAL)KDS-UELOOSE$31.06108/26/13
Super Mario 14 (hack of:, by Wario, 1993)Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 3: Taiketsu! Zouringen
Super Mario Bros.Super Mario Bros.HVC-SMCIB$28.17608/19/1309/09/13
Super Mario Bros.Super Mario Bros.HVC-SMBOX$14.00108/20/13
Super Mario Bros.Super Mario Bros.HVC-SMLOOSE$10.47508/12/1308/30/13
Super Mario Bros. 3Super Mario Bros. 3HVC-UMCIB$25.07708/14/1309/07/13
Super Mario Bros. 3Super Mario Bros. 3HVC-UMLOOSE$12.00108/26/13
Super Mario USASuper Mario Bros. 2HVC-MTCIB$18.00108/25/13
Super Mario USASuper Mario Bros. 2HVC-MTLOOSE$12.14208/29/1308/31/13
Super PitfallSuper PitfallPNF-PFCIB$20.49108/28/13
Super Star Pro WrestlingWCW: World Championship WrestlingPNF-S9?CIB$9.06208/13/1308/16/13
Super XeviousXXCIB$14.25308/18/1309/07/13
Sweet HomeXCAP-EHLOOSE$18.99109/04/13
Takahashi Meijin no Bug-tte HoneyXHFC-BHCIB$14.49109/07/13
Takeshi no ChousenjouX09CIB$12.60108/18/13
Tecmo Super BowlTecmo Super BowlTCF-4UCIB$7.39108/16/13
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesRC853LOOSE$13.49109/07/13
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Manhattan ProjectTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan ProjectRC863LOOSE$22.50108/25/13
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 (pirate? By Zonawi, 1991)X
Tenchi wo KurauDestiny of an EmperorCAP-YZCIB$8.39109/01/13
Tenchi wo Kurau II: ShokatsukoumeidenXCAP-2VCIB$11.77208/13/1308/26/13
Tenchi wo Kurau II: ShokatsukoumeidenXCAP-2VBOX$10.00108/13/13
Tenchi wo Kurau II: ShokatsukoumeidenXCAP-2VLOOSE$8.14308/24/1309/07/13
Tetrastar the FighterXDTF-YE, 37LOOSE$9.25108/30/13
Tetris 2 + BomblissXBPS-52CIB$12.19308/26/1309/09/13
Tetris FlashTetris 2HVC-TRCIB$12.61208/21/1309/09/13
The Bard's Tale: Shirarezaru MonogatariThe Bard's Tale: Tales of the UnknownPNF-ETCIB$16.81208/21/1309/09/13
The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny KnightXPNF-49?CIB$17.50108/19/13
The Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak! (pirate of:)The Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak! (NTSC)XLOOSE$85.00109/08/13
The GooniesXRC809CIB$19.39108/29/13
The Legend of KageLegend of KageTFC-KD, 07CIB$17.50108/19/13
The Legend of KageLegend of KageTFC-KD, 07BOX$18.50108/20/13
The Legend of ZeldaThe Legend of ZeldaHVC-ZLCIB$22.18109/05/13
The Legend of ZeldaThe Legend of ZeldaHVC-ZLLOOSE, W/MANUAL$22.50109/07/13
The Legend of Zelda – Curse from the Outskirts (hack of:)(Super Mario Bros.)
The Tower of DruagaXNTD-07CIB$11.75308/25/1309/07/13
Time Diver Avenger (pirate of unreleased:, by Nitra, 1994)Time Diver: Eon ManT-A1LOOSE$43.00109/08/13
Times of Lore: Ushinawareta MedallionTimes of LoreTHF-U7LOOSE$6.25108/30/13
TM Network Live in Power BowlXESF-T9CIB$7.06108/16/13
Tom & JerryTom & JerryALT-5YCIB$24.50108/29/13
Top GunTop GunKDS-TGCIB$12.13208/19/1308/29/13
Top StrikerXXCIB$13.50108/16/13
Topple ZipXBTC-TPZCIB$24.50108/30/13
Totsuzen! Macho ManAmagonVIC-M5LOOSE$16.99109/07/13
Tsuppari WarsXSAC-7W?CIB$10.25108/16/13
Tsurikichi Sanpei: Blue Marlin henXVFR-Y1-04CIB$47.00108/19/13
Twin BeeXRC807CIB$19.93208/16/1308/25/13
Twin Bee 3: Pokopoko DaimaouXRC841CIB$41.00108/26/13
Twin Bee 3: Pokopoko DaimaouXRC841LOOSE$8.25108/14/13
Ultraman Club 3: Matamata Shutsugeki! Ultra KyoudaiXSHI-3ICIB$9.12308/21/1308/24/13
USA Ice Hockey in FCPro Sport HockeyJF-40CIB$27.50108/30/13
Venus Wars

Viva Las Vegas

Volleyball (disk)VolleyballFMC-VBWCIB$13.55108/20/13
Wagyan Land

Wagyan Land 2

Wai Wai WorldXRC825CIB$79.00108/29/13
Wai Wai WorldXRC825LOOSE$15.00208/30/1308/30/13
Wai Wai World 2: SOS!! Parsley JouXRC850CIB$33.55108/16/13
Wai Wai World 2: SOS!! Parsley JouXRC850LOOSE$14.67308/29/1308/30/13
Wanpaku Cookun no Gourmet WorldPanic RestaurantDTF-WKCIB$88.56108/15/13
Wario no MoriWario's WoodsHVC-UWCIB$12.50109/07/13
White Lion Densetsu: Pyramid no Kanata niGhost Lion (aka Legend of the Ghost Lion)KSC-WECIB$9.39108/21/13

Wizardry III: Knight of DiamondsWizardry II: Knights of DiamondsHSP-32CIB$11.27108/26/13
Yamamura Misa Suspense Kyoto Ryu no Misshitsu SatsujinjikenXDTF-YM, 22CIB$7.26108/24/13
Yoshi no CookieYoshi's CookieHVC-CICIB$16.33208/30/1308/31/13
Yoshi no TamagoYoshi (NTSC)/Mario & Yoshi (PAL)HVC-YOCIB$10.94508/17/1308/31/13
Youkai ClubXJF-12CIB$17.89208/25/1308/30/13
Youkai Douchuki

Yousei Monogatari Rod LandRodland (PAL)JF-39CIB$67.00108/30/13
Ys IIXVFR-Q2-09CIB$14.74208/26/1308/28/13
Ys III: Wanderers from YsX
Zombie Nation (pirate of:)Abarenbou TenguVT3076ALOOSE$22.50108/31/13
Zunou Senkan Galg


Sheet 2: NGP

(system, camouflage)NGP
(system, carbon black)NGPC
(system, crystal white)NGPC
(system, crystal yellow)NGPCNEOP66010CIB$140.50108/26/13
(system, platinum blue)NGPC
(system, platinum silver)NGPC
Baseball StarsNGPCNEOP00251SEALED$32.99108/25/13
Biomotor UnitronNGP
Biomotor UnitronNGP
Bust-a-Move PocketNGPC
Evolution (rare English version?)NGPC (non)NEOP0099CIB$102.58108/28/13
Faselei! (rare English version?)NGPCNEOP0090CIB$88.43108/28/13
King of Fighters R-2NGPCNEOP00230CIB$28.39109/02/13
Metal Slug: 1st MissionNGPCNEOP00211CIB$13.50108/26/13
Metal Slug: 2nd MissionNGPCNEOP00611CIB$61.50108/26/13
Puzzle Link 2NGPC
SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters' Clash – SNK versionNGPC
SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the MillenniumNGPC
Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket AdventureNGPCNEOP00591LOOSE, W/MANUAL$7.58109/03/13
Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket AdventureNGPCNEOP00591BOX&MANUAL$7.85108/24/13

Sheet 3: WonderSwan

(system) crystal blueWSCWSC-001CIB$60.00109/02/13
(system) metallic silverWSSW-001CIB$27.11109/01/13
(system) skeleton blackWSSW-001CIB$25.25208/13/1308/14/13
(system) skeleton blackWSSW-001LOOSE$17.30108/25/13
(system) skeleton blueWS
(system) skeleton greenWSSW-001LOOSE$15.38108/20/13
(system) whiteWSSW-001LOOSE$17.64108/20/13
Anchor Field ZWSSWJ-SUM004?CIB$13.50108/31/13
Chocobo no Fushigi na DungeonWSSWJ-BAN002?CIB$11.25109/07/13
Digimon Adventure 02WSC (comp)SWJ-BANC03CIB$12.89108/25/13
Final FantasyWSC
Final FantasyWSCSWJ-SQRC01LOOSE, W/MANUAL$12.50109/07/13
Final Fantasy IIWSC
Gunpey (campaign edition?)WSSWJ-BANC01?CIB$14.50108/31/13
Gunpey ExWSCSWJ-BANC02CIB$12.75108/17/13
Hataraku ChocoboWSSWJ-SQR004?CIB$11.38208/31/1309/07/13
Kaze no Klonoa: Moonlight MuseumWSSWJ-BAN008CIB$27.76208/14/1309/02/13
One Piece Mezase King of PiratesWS
One Piece SwanColosseumWSC (non)SWJ-BANC29CIB$11.50108/27/13
Wild CardWSC (non?)SWJ-SQRC04?CIB$11.25209/02/13
With You: Mitsumete Itai (limited edition w doll?)WSCSWJ-SHL??CIB$19.50108/28/13